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Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark has served as a member of our board of directors since March 2013. Since January 2002 he has taught classes in corporate strategy and accounting at Vanderbilt University as an Adjunct Professor, a Senior Lecturer and, since August 2010, as an Associate Professor. Prior to joining the faculty at Vanderbilt, Mr. Clark was a partner at Executive Perspectives Inc., an executive education firm focused on strategy, finance and team building, from October 1985 to November 1998. He is the co-managing partner of RG Clark Family Holdings, LLC, serving in that role since November 2011, and also serving as Secretary and Treasurer from September 2000 to the present. He has also served as a Director for Sullivan Street Development, Inc., a small private corporation, since June 2001.

Mr. Clark holds a B.S. in physics from Amherst College and an M.S. in computer and information science from Dartmouth College. Mr. Clark was chosen to serve on the board of our general partner due to his expertise in corporate strategy and accounting.